Breast Feeding Relaxation CD

Breastfeeding mothers, especially those who must pump their milk, sometimes need to learn to relax in order to enjoy nursing their babies. This CD and others like it (for instance the Earth Mama Angel Baby More Milk CD) might help.

Product Name: Breast Feeding Relaxation CD
Submitted by: Megan Cahill; Louisville, KY
Rating: 9
Where to buy:

Description: A 2 Track CD contains the following compilations and can help to increase let down and release stresses from you and your newborn.

Track 1: In the Moment – Creating a peaceful mind and relaxed body to ensure a successful nursing session.

Track 2: A Balancing Act – Creating a peaceful mind for successful pumping to balance your family and individual needs.

Review: One of the most unique items I have come across is the Breast Feeding Relaxation CD – A Journey of the Heart.

If you are a new mother you want the best for your baby. Breast feeding has been proven essential to the health of your baby and its continual healthy development throughout life. Trouble breastfeeding can be a painful experience for mother and child. The stress can at times feel overwhelming especially when balancing a career and family at the same time.

Now finally there is an option for mother and child that can do a world of good for both of you.

Criticism: A little pricey but since customized to the mother and child it is worth every penny. A great investment in your child’s healthy development.

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