Breastfeeding Support Kit by Earth Mama Angel Baby

Erin McFeeters of Villas, New Jersey submitted this review of the Breastfeeding Support Kit by Earth Mama Angel Baby

The Breastfeeding Support Kit by Earth Mama Angel Baby is a gift set of four Earth Mama Angel Baby products for breastfeeding mamas.

It includes Bosom Buddies, Booby Tubes, Natural Nipple Butter and Milkmaid Tea. Bosom Buddies are herbal compresses to treat and prevent engorgement. They feel amazing on tender nipples also.

The Booby Tubes are also compresses to treat engorgement. Both are made from 100% organic cotton. The Booby Tubes can be warmed up in the microwave or chilled in the freezer. It’s nice to have one product that can be used either hot or cold, depending on what you need. The Natural Nipple Butter is a lanolin-free moisturizer for treating and preventing dry, cracked nipples. The Milkmaid Tea is an herbal tea you drink to encourage your milk supply. All four of the products in the boxed set are natural and organic and Phthalate-free.

I received this set as a gift from a friend after the birth of my second child. I believe it made all the difference in my breastfeeding experience, as compared to that with my first. The Milkmaid Tea is by far my favorite product in the set. Before I started drinking the tea, twice a day, I was only able to express about two ounces at a time. After drinking the tea for a little over a week, I was able to express a little over six ounces at a time. I didn’t order more of the tea before I ran out and had to go a week without it, during that time, I was only able to express about four ounces at a time. I can only speak for my own experience, but I really believe the Milkmaid Tea has made a huge difference in my milk production.

What do you dislike about it (if applicable)?: I wasn’t overly crazy about the Natural Nipple Butter. I’ve used other creams that I prefered over it. It’s chocolate scent also didn’t do a thing for me. I really liked the Bosom Buddies, but I wished the muslin bags included with the herbs were of a little better quality. You get two in the set and they didn’t hold up very well.

The Breastfeeding Support Kit and other Earth Mama Angel Baby products can be purchased online at

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