Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger Body Wash

Review submitted by: Laura Williams

Evensville, TN

Name of Product: Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger Body Wash

Description of Product: This Body Wash is touted as being 97.06% Natural. The scent of Citrus and Ginger (The citrus lifts your energy level and the ginger reminds you of a fresh baked cookie!) combined with coconut for moisturizing properties is heavenly and leaves a lasting, wonderful smell without being overpowering.

What do you like about the product?: The smell is absolutely heavenly. I love the fact that this product is derived from natural products for the most part.

I don’t want to put harmful chemicals on my skin for the sake of cleanliness.

What do you dislike about it (if applicable)?: Being that the product is 97.06% natural, that does leave a percentage of ingredients that is not. So This product can be purchased online via amazon.com, Drugstore.com or directly from their website at burtbees.com

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