Burt’s Bees Head to Toe Starter Kit

burt's bees head to to kitI’m a huge fan of the Burt’s Bees product line. I love that I can recognize the ingredients, that they’re very close to 100% natural. The bottles are made from recyclable materials and can be recycled again. I wasn’t surprised to get this rave review for this Burt’s Bees sample kit.

Burt’s Bees Head to Toe Starter Kit
Rating: 8
Where to buy:  amazon.com

Description: This starter kit is filled with samples of all natural creams, lotions, balms and other cleansing products. Everything you might want to try to moisturize, clean and baby your body from head to toe.

Review: I love this little starter kit.  In today’s world with the prices of items and the way things are made you never know if something will work or not.  To pay the price on a large quantity to find out it doesn’t actually work can leave you out of money and no better off than before you started.  With this starter kit you get the chance to try before you buy so to speak.

All of Burt’s Bees products are made from all natural ingredients.  For someone like myself who has very sensitive skin I was glad to hear this.  So many products have unnatural ingredients that break me out or leave my skin feeling dry and itchy.  These items didn’t do that and I fully believe it’s because they are all natural.

The scents are out of this world.  They are not overbearing but yet there is always a faint scent that lingers after you use any of these products.  I like that.  It leaves me feeling clean and fresh throughout my day.

Another thing I like about these products is that it’s not tested on animals.  Knowing this makes it easier for me to use and enjoy.  I also like that because it’s natural, it’s safe for our environment. All of their packaging is made from recyclable material.  How can you beat that?

Being able to sample these items has made it easier for me to choose the ones I like.  I am one who is willing to pay the extra dollar because I know that it works.  Waste is not for my pocket book or me so this little kit made it easier for me to choose and stay with this company and their products.  I will be using Burt’s Bees products for as long as they are available.  My body and my pocket book are loving every minute of it.
burt's bees baby bee kit

Burt’s Bees has more starter kits. I like the Baby Bee Kit also.

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