Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Review

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

Contains: Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Essential Oil of Lemongrass

Uses: A light solution for adding shine and frizz-free definition to natural curls.  Paraben-free.  No petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color.

Carol’s Daughter is a brand that focuses on creating healthy and natural products for African American hair.  They’ve gained a lot of popularity lately due to the Tyra Show and Sephora.  Having a ½ Black child myself, I had to try this product and got to say, am pretty satisfied.

Any mother that has a child with African American hair can tell you it’s a difficult process to find a hair product that works best for their hair.  It can be even more challenging when you only wish to use all natural products.  The problem I’ve found in the past was products that were either too oily, synthetic, or didn’t tame the frizz.

Luckily, Hair Milk contains all natural ingredients and smells great, like lemongrass, in fact.  As soon as I got this in the mail, I tried it out.  Start by lightly spraying your child’s hair with water, until slightly damp.  Rub in a small amount of hair milk and brush to evenly distribute.  Twist curls if you so desire.

Hair Milk left my baby’s hair with soft curls that contained moisture for hours.  It was not oily or sticky.  In fact, I just had to rub it in my hands with the leftover hair milk on my hands.  It feels just like a lotion and has an invigorating scent.  The one small setback is that I find I do have to reapply half way throughout the day.  Either way, I prefer Hair Milk over the synthetic pink lotion any day!

As a Latina with curly hair, I even use this hair product on myself after a shower.  It tames my fizz, reduces the tangles and leaves my hair feeling like cashmere.  I encourage moms and kids alike with curly hair to try this product.  I think you will be satisfied.  Find them at Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

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