Dr Hauschka Conditioner Review

Beautifully shiny hair is a sign of health and vitality. Treat and pamper your hair with Dr. Hauschka organic conditioner, a conditioner that can be used for all hair types. The product is certified to be eco-friendly and natural and complies with stringent certification rules. The company strives to obtain most of their ingredients from organic and biodynamic sources. None of the ingredients and the product itself are animal tested. The company also prides itself in using eco-friendly packaging material and non-toxic and non-chemical preservatives and additives.

Dr. Hauschka organic conditioner contains jojoba oil, marsh mallow, larch extract, macadamia nut, burdock root, neem, nettle, rosemary extracts and apple cider vinegar. Together they nourish, soften, moisturize, detangle the hair, invigorate hair follicles and the scalp, improve shine and luster and prevent residue build-up of old shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc.

The Dr Hauschka Organic Conditioner will improve the health and appearance of your hair, helping it to become stronger and shinier.

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