Handling Sibling Rivalry, Anger and Temper Tantrums DVD Review

Handling Sibling Rivalry, Anger, and Temper Tantrums

This DVD will help you identify why there is sibling rivalry including the temper tantrums and anger that is associated with having more than one child in the family.

Review: Is there a family out there with more than one child that has experienced this before? I don’t think so. Sibling rivalry is a part of life. How it manifests itself and how we as parents handle it is what’s important.

I have three children. There has been sibling rivalry in my household for years. Even as adults it still has a tendency to come out. Anger, temper tantrums, yelling, screaming, name calling was all part of my life. I didn’t like it but I still had to deal with it and usually on a daily basis.

This DVD can help even the worst of situations. It helps to identify what sibling rivalry is and why it comes out like it does. It gives you some information on why children react the way they do to each other. From jealousy to feeling left out, it’s all covered by this DVD.

Mostly this DVD points out the reasons for these types of behaviors. It gives you situations that you can understand because they are everyday things we all deal with if we have more than one child.

Criticism: My only criticism with this DVD is that although it gives the situations and reason why it doesn’t really help much with a solution. Of course every child and family is different so that may be the reason, but a few more tips would have been welcome on my part.

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