Mellow Mama Bath Oil

Mellow Mama Aromatic Bath Oil

After a hard day’s work, who doesn’t want to relax in a hot bath? Mellow Mama is for all pregnant women who want to connect with their unborn child while having a restful bath and for all mothers who want to feel calm and restful after a busy day. A bath with the Mellow Mamma aromatherapy bath oils encourages a healthy sleep and generally improves the sense of well-being.

Not all aromatherapy oils are safe for use during pregnancy. Mellow Mama is especially formulated for pregnant women. The product is 100% natural and free of preservatives, animal products, gluten, artificial colors and synthetic perfumes.

The ingredients contained within this aromatic bath oil blend are:

* Sandalwood oil
* Neroli oil
* Rosewood oil

Sandalwood oil moisturizes your skin and improves the appearance of pregnancy-related stretch marks. It has a lovely scent which will do wonders for your mood and calmness. Neroli oil improves circulation in your body and supports healthy skin. Rosewood oil has calming and mood-enhancing properties and improves skin rejuvenation.

Mellow Mama Aromatic Bath Oil will make any bath into a wonderful soothing experience and a time for reflection. It would make a well appreciated gift for any mom-to-be or any busy mom.

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