Mercurialis Wound Rescue

Mercurialis Wound Rescue by Dr. Hauschka

Finding all natural would rescue that you don’t have to make can prove to be a difficult task. However, there is now a product that is designed to help ensure little things like splinters, hang-nails and cuts don’t get infected and lead to a doctor visit. Mercurialis Wound Rescue is a wound care cream that is used to treat inflamed, infected or poorly healing cuts and splinters safely and gently with the time-tested therapeutic qualities of traditional healing plants.

You will discover that this holistic organic cream:

• brings harmony, balance and rhythm to your skin.
• has natural substances selected to interact with and support the healthy functioning of the skin.
• is environmentally sound processing as it strengthens and preserves the living essence of the organic and biodynamic plant ingredients.
• has biodynamic farming techniques heal the earth for generations to come.

Now you can take the time to research books and make your own recipes for your wound care; but that can be such a chore. With Mercurialis Wound Rescue you can have the great all natural care without doing more than opening the tube and squeezing out the cream.

Every home needs an all natural first aid kit that includes items like peroxide, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and of course Mercurialis Wound Rescue. Make it a family project to create a healthy all natural first aid kit. Let he kids get involved, teach them as you go along and don’t forget to drop a tube of this miracle wound cure.

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