Motherwell Maternity Fitness Review

Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan Review

The book Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan was written by Bonnie Berk. The author is a registered nurse, a master personal fitness trainer, a registered yoga teacher and a childbirth education specialist who has been working in the field of women’s health for over 25 years. Her Motherwell program is used by hospitals and fitness centers throughout the US and worldwide.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, including:

* Shaping up before pregnancy
* Caring for your body during all nine months
* Breathing routines for two
* Eating for fitness and baby’s health
* Stretching and strengthening your pregnant body
* Staying motivated in the second trimester
* Staying positive in the third trimester
* And more

The Motherwell Program includes articles on how to reduce stress, increase motivation, improve relaxation, eat better, control your posture, keep fit while pregnant, care for your skin, deal with hormones and discomforts, and everything else you need to guide you through a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan

The book comes with basic sketches and drawings that will guide you through the various exercises.

The Motherwell Program is recommended by the American Council on Exercise and is a wonderful resource for the new mom to be.

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