Preserve Razor

The Preserve Razor is an environment-friendly alternative to a disposable razor. The Preserve’s patent-pending handle is made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable – when finished just squeeze in the arms, pop off the blade cartridge and recycle!

Review: I hesitate to tell you that I usually don’t have razors in the house. My kids have found them too many times and decided to play with them (shudder). So to avoid the potential for harm I just don’t shave much. I am also not a big fan of shaving my legs in general and such because it just takes too much time. So I have always reserved shaving for occasions such as doctor’s appointments or trips to public pools. Well, I am seeing doctors quite often now so I decided to buy some razors and I happily found an eco friendly razor that I like.

Like the Preserve Toothbrush, the handles of this razor are made from 100% recycled plastics. 65% of handle plastic is recycled Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups. Innovative, one-piece handle design reduces resources consumed in manufacturing.

The handle is completely recyclable in communities with #5 plastics recycling or with Recycline’s postage-paid mailer. You can just go to their web site and print a mailer. It can’t get a any easier to recycle than that. I also love the fact that open mouth containers like yogurt cups are being used to make these razors because it is notoriously hard to find recycling centers that will take this kind of plastic. This product really fills a need and they are functional and fun for consumers.

Recycline Preserve Razor and Triple Blade Cartridges

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