Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Product Name: Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow
Submitted by: Sarah Grant; Rosamond, CA
Rating: 8
Where to buy:

Description: The Maternity Full Body Pillow by Snoogle is a pre-shaped pillow designed to support your back, neck, hips, and growing belly while in the 2nd-3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

The way it is designed makes it easy for an expectant mommy to sleep on her left side, like the Doctors recommend, and encourages proper circulation of the blood by reducing many of the pressure points you might feel while sleeping with just a pillow for your head and one between your hips.

Review: I’ve seen pregnancy pillows that are just a straight tube that you can bend and fit to your own body and that kind of a shape might be more convenient for someone who is not of average size.

The benefit of having something against your back while sleeping on your side really shows up when you wake the next morning.

Just starting my second trimester, my hips were hurting so bad from working to keep me in a side position at night, but now that I have this Snoogle, my hips feel great, as well as my back and my neck. I would buy one of these for every mother-to-be, because a good night’s sleep is totally worth the price.

Criticism: The Snoogle’s pre-shaped U-shape is very comfy and easy to “snoogle” into, but I frequently had to re-adjust my position at night to get back into the shape because I’m smaller than the average lady.

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