Ten Minutes to Relax CD

Ten Minutes to Relax is a 2 CD set that shows you that it is possible to relax in just 10 minutes.  With breathing techniques, visual images and the help of a leading expert, relaxation can be a reality for anyone. ten minutes to relax

Relax? What is that?  Relax in ten minutes? Yeah right?  Those were the types of things I used to say before I found this set of CD’s.  I was about to explode and a friend of mine gave me these CD’s to help me learn to relax and to be able to do it in a matter of a few minutes.  What a life saver.

The breathing techniques you learn from this CD will most definitely help you to find that relaxing spot.  They are easy to do and can be done almost anywhere.  I’ve even done them in my car while traveling.  Much better than the road rage I used to have.

I like the one on one lesson with the expert on this CD too.  It takes me step-by-step through things I would have never imagined would work to relax me.  In fact every time I listen to this CD I find something I missed the last time around.

The second CD is also wonderful.  It has 3 tracks of music that will calm and relax you.  They use a harp, keyboard and flute in this music and the minute you hear it you can feel the stress going out and the calm feeling coming in.  It’s wonderful to listen to no matter what frame of mind you’re in.

You can relax in ten minutes with the help of this CD.  I found it to be one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time and I never go anywhere without it.

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