Tom’s of Maine Anti Plaque Flat Floss

Tom's of Maine flat flossProduct Name: Tom’s of Maine Anti Plaque Flat Floss
Rating: 7
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Description: This floss is a natural floss made of nylon fibers that prevent it from fraying or breaking apart.  It has a wax that helps to ensure the floss moves smoothly between your teeth and keeps it from cutting into your gums and mouth.  The flat shape helps to clean your teeth completely.

Review:  Our teeth are a very important part of our body and keeping them healthy is of the up most importance.  Brushing your teeth is very important but flossing is also a necessary part of good tooth and mouth health.

This floss is the most comfortable floss I have ever used. My gums are much softer and I don’t have to worry about those awful little cuts.  Even holding it in my hands is much easier.

I also like the way this floss cleans my teeth.  Brushing makes my mouth feel clean but when I use this floss not only does my mouth feel clean but it feels refreshed too.  I don’t worry that there’s something left behind to create havoc with my teeth.

Taking care of our teeth is very important and this floss will help you to do that.  Having a clean refreshing feeling in your mouth throughout the day is something that everyone wants.  This floss will help you to do that and keep that smile bright and beautiful for years to come without all the harsh chemicals that many tooth and gum cleaners include.

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Waxed Anti-Plaque Flat Floss, Unflavored 32 yd

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