Instant Beach Shelter

Instant Beach Shelter

Going to the beach requires a lot of planning when you have little ones. You have to make sure all of your stuff is packed into the beach bag, your cooler; beach towels, lounge chairs, extra clothes, sunglasses, suntan lotion; swim diapers, toys – well, you get the picture. The last thing you need to worry about is standing on a long line to rent a beach umbrella. Having an Instant Beach Shelter can make your beach experience a most pleasant one. Even better, the entire family can relax under the shelter particular during the hottest time of the day. It’s perfect when little ones need a little rest or when Mom needs to nurse the baby.

The Instant Beach Shelter is the fastest, easiest shelter/beach cabana to set-up. Just unfold the legs, pull on the cord and within seconds you have your own beach shelter ready for use. There is no pole threading or loose poles to hassle with. The unique jointed fiberglass frame sets up in a flash. Unfold, pull the cords on the center hub and it’s up in seconds. Taking it down is just as fast. Unlock the legs; separate the center hub, drop, fold, and that’s it! The nylon carry bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy handling.

This safe and sturdy tent can be used at the beach, backyard, and definitely stands up to kids who use it for a playhouse, a place to eat and play with their friends. Great for instant shade on those sunny days at the beach, the park, or the backyard, the Instant Beach Shelter is a hit with most families who have used it. Your kids may even want to set it up in the living room on rainy days. It is light and durable and easy to use. It is instant fun and a great idea for everyone.

Consumers also note that the side windows are great to allow fresh air in, or when down it is particularly great for privacy if a change in clothes/diapers is needed on the beach. Noting that it’s not heavy or cumbersome, customers advise that although expensive, it’s worth every penny.

Check out the Abo Gear – Instant Beach Shelter.

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