Microfiber Mop by Act Natural

Microfiber mops are excellent for daily use on hard floors. I have the ACT Natural microfiber mop which comes with a heavy duty, ergonomic telescoping handle/mop holder, two microfiber mop heads – one for dry, one for wet cleaning.

The Mop handle is highly adjustable. Unlike the cheap disposable dusting mops, this one will last for years and you won’t have to bend over and give yourself a backache or press hard (risking bending or breaking it) to use it. It bends and swivels to get into corners and under furniture. And, you don’t have to buy expensive disposable cleaning cloths that are environmentally unfriendly and that smell of noxious chemicals.

The dry microfiber mop head is used to dust mop the floor or “sweep” it. The microfiber is super absorbent and draws dust to it like a magnet. It can be washed up to a thousand times and reused, making it an economical and environmentally responsible choice.

The wet microfiber mop pad is used for damp mopping hard floors. My floors look great after using it with only water. If they’re really dirty, I might pretreat with a tiny spray of non toxic cleaner.

Microfiber mops work well on any hard flooring surface: tile, laminate, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, marble, etc. They make mopping so easy since all you have to do is wring out the mop head in hot water, affix it to the holder (it has velcro on the back) and mop. No rinsing needed. You don’t even have to use soap or a cleaning product if you don’t want to, which is a huge plus if you have kids or someone in the house with allergies or chemical sensitivities. No mop bucket or dirty water to lug around either. Microfiber mops are so easy to use, even my kids can push them around their floors.

Amazingly, microfiber is even antimicrobial since it absorbs so much. Studies have shown that a surface is 99% free of germs after cleaning with microfiber.

My microfiber mop has saved me lots of money over the years. Act Natural Microfiber Mop

Interestingly, the Queen of Clean, Linda Cobb recommends these products. That’s where I first heard of them. You can buy microfiber mops on Amazon.com

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