Pamela’s Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix

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Pamela's Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie MixProduct name: Pamela’s Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Mix

Pamela’s products are a brand of flours and mixes that are gluten free. These are of course required by people who have Celiac’s disease and are also nice for those who have wheat sensitivities. Baking without wheat can be pretty tricky for the uninitiated, so I decided to try out the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Mix when I saw it at my local grocery store.

The mix is made from brown and white rice flours and also contain no dairy, although the product isn’t guaranteed to be dairy free. They do contain soy and corn ingredients. I made these with pecans and they were excellent.

Of course, with gluten or wheat free products you are going to notice a different texture, but overall these satisfy a brownie craving quite nicely. They also contain quite a lot of organic ingredients which is a plus.

My only gripe with Pamela’s products is that they are more expensive than some of the other brands. They do have coupons occasionally available in magazines and on the website so that helps somewhat.

I also noticed that these brownies didn’t taste as sweet as regular brownie mixes, but that was ok with me since I’m not accustomed to eating a lot of sugar. I’ve noticed this same thing with other GF products so it may be that I’m tasting the different grains, but the overall sugar content was only 10 grams per serving, which, if memory serves, is less than other conventional brownie mixes.

Another plus about these are the other recipes on the side of the bag. You can make cookies, cake and other types
of brownies (such as egg free brownies) with this same mix, which is convenient.

Keeping a couple of bags of these on hand if you have an allergic child is a great idea, especially if you don’t know how to cook GF yet and are going to be in a situation where you would be tempted to eat wheat, such as at a party or similar event.

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