Solay Salt Crystal Lamps and Cleaning Products

Here is a product that is quite new and different. In keeping with a natural non-toxic cleaning product, the Salt Crystal Lamp which originates from the Himalayan mountains, Polish Salt Caves, and the Persian mountains, it is used for restoring and improving indoor air quality, energizing and nourishing the mind and body with color and balancing electromagnetic radiation from our modern day living.

Primordial salt crystal can support your journey to optimal well-being. Salt crystal lamps can help you to: breathe easier; sleep better; feel more energetic; provide a peaceful, comforting ambiance; support the immune system with color therapy; enhance the chi for better Feng Shui; and balance EMF radiation. In fact, this natural product is great for cleaning the body within as well.

Each lamp comes with a UL/CE tested light; a15 Watt candelabra light bulb; hard wood base or pedestal; brochure explaining the products; 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a no questions asked return policy; lifetime warrantee; packed safe for UPS ground delivery; it is environmentally responsible; and come with a hand written gift tag.

A customer wrote: “Just wanted to say thank you for sending the magical blue salt lamps. They are so beautiful. Though they are the same color when unlit; one is beautiful color lavender, and the other is a phenomenal fuschia!”

Here is another review of the product: “I received my second order of salt lamps and salt. They are so beautiful. I have one in my bedroom which helps me and my husband sleep better. I have much less congestion and he has fewer problems with apnea. I bought each of my parents one and one for each of my children.”

This reviewer wrote: “It’s a very special lamp and I love it. Since I’ve had it my allergies have really cleared up, it’s amazing. I’m glad I tried it out again. It’s great and so pretty. My sleep has improved tremendously. I’ve got that lavender (Persian) one to help with the sleep. It’s awesome.”

This skeptical reviewer wrote: “I never really thought about the cleaning products we used. When I ordered your all natural cleaning products home package, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think that it would be able to clean as well as the name brand regular household cleaners we were using, but I was pleasantly surprised. I also love the fact that I didn’t have to open up the windows to let the chemical smell out when we cleaned. Your product cleaned the house well and didn’t leave any odor. And the fruit and veggie wash, what a great product to have. I could see the wax being washed away. Thank you.”

You can go here to buy Solay Salt Crystal Lamps

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