50 States Complete Notebooking Set

State Study – 50 States Complete Notebooking Set with Bonus Pages

Description: A complete notebook set of the fifty states. This notebook contains facts about each of our fifty states plus a bonus set that includes 13 colonies, national parks, monuments and memorials, Washington DC and much more.US AE Programs 20080620

Creative Commons License photo credit: AEngineer

Review: I was overjoyed with this set. I needed something to help in teaching my children about where they live and the United States in general. This was perfect for my needs. It will help my children from preschool through their high school years.

This set tells about each of our states. It includes information on topic ideas, directions, state facts and more. There are templates that you can use, some of which are blank so your children can create the own ideas. My favorite was the State Symbol pages. These templates allowed my children do draw the State Symbols the way they saw them.

There are also cutouts and graphics included with each individual state. These were very helpful for my children also. It helped them design their own notebooks on each of the states.

These can be bought individually or as the set on CD. You can also go to the site and download all the information. I preferred the CD but for some of us the download is just as simple.

If you are looking for a great teaching guide at a reasonable price I recommend this set. I wouldn’t be without it for my children.

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