Boca Beth My First Songs in Spanish

Boca BethBoca Beth My First Songs in Spanish
This 15 song CD will help your children learn Spanish through lyrics to songs. These short fun songs will help your child learn to count to 10, their different body parts, colors and more. These songs are not only in Spanish but also English to help your child learn both languages at the same time.

Review: Like it or not the Spanish language has become a large part of our society. Our young children will be faced with this language throughout their lives on a daily basis as they become adults. It’s just a fact. Why not help your child learn to speak Spanish at any early age so they will never have to struggle like many adults are doing today?

The Boca Beth site is one of the best for helping you find the right way to start your young child on their journey through learning the Spanish language. This CD is no exception. It is geared for children ages birth and up.

These cute little songs are set to music we parents grew up with such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Farmer in the Dell. With both Spanish and English words included. There are songs about animals, days of the week, using your manners and so much more.

This CD is so much fun for both my child and myself. We listen, sing along and dance around the house all while learning to speak Spanish together. It’s exciting when I hear my daughter say her colors in Spanish or count to 10. She has even started saying different foods she likes in Spanish. I can’t keep up with her most of the time.

I love the idea that it is in English and Spanish both. It makes it very simple for my child to relate the Spanish words with things she can see and knows in English. When she counts she does it in English then in Spanish and uses her fingers to keep track. It’s great to just sit back and listen and realize she comprehends both languages together. Not to mention, it makes it easier for me to know if she is picking up the correct words. I knew very little Spanish before we bought this CD and it was always a bit hard for me to know what words meant what in English…now I can learn the basics right along side our daughter.

If you are looking for a way to help your child learn Spanish as well as English try Boca Beth. She also has videos that are great and a puppet that the children just adore.

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