Homeschooling the High Schooler Audio Book

Homeschooling the High Schooler Audio Book is an e-book on a four hour CD. It explains all the ins and outs of teaching your high schooler at home.

It is a must for anyone who has a teenager about to enter the high school years or already into that high school era.

I was really pressed for time in my fast paced world. The trouble I was having getting things set for my child to start high school and what to expect in home schooling a teenager was terrifying me. Then I found this CD and decided why not try it. I was a nervous wreck just thinking about it and thought hey anything will help. This CD did just that.

It is packed full of information needed to get through those years. This CD was full of encouragement, answers and resources. As I listened to it I began to build my confidence at what lie ahead.

People who have been there wrote it. With their success and horror stories and they way the handled both I began to feel more at ease. There are also stories from everyday people like myself that encouraged me to continue on.

It also included advice on credit courses, record keeping and gave me websites I could go to that would give me more information to keep me going. There was even a section on how to help my child after high school.

This CD was perfect for my continuous worries and me. I refer back to it all the time and I have all I need to know that my child will make it through the high school years like a trooper.

Go here for more information: Homeschooling the High Schooler

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