Learning About Rocks - Deluxe Rock Study Kit

Product Name: Deluxe Rock Study Kit
Rating: 8
Where to buy: http://www.homeschoolshop.com

Description: The Deluxe Rock Study Kit is a kit of rocks that you can buy for your home schooling needs. It will teach your child about different rocks and minerals we find in our vast world.

Review: This kit is great. If you want to teach your children about geology or if you just have a child who is crazy about rocks and wants to know all about them then I suggest you purchase this kit.

It has over 200 specimens of rocks and minerals. My children love looking at them. They are all bagged and labeled so your child will know right off the bat what they are looking at. They can take them out and examine them up close to know exactly what they look and feel like.

There is a study guide included that helps your child identify and learn about each one.

My 9 year old rock collector is totally fascinated by what is inside. Your child can set for hours looking at, touching and learning all about these wonders.

There is also a mystery bag included so your child can investigate and research unknown rocks. This was great not only for my collector, but also in the teaching aspect. It also includes a geode for your child to crack open. Have you ever seen a geode? It is spectacular and the kids love to look at it and see the different designs a cracked geode can create.

This kit is the perfect item to have in your home for your children. They will learn and appreciate these wonders. Mine do.

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