Planet Frog Kit

Planet Frog Kit
Teaching your children about the environment and ecology is lots of fun outside, but can also be done inside your own home. Why not surprise them with this live frog habitat and let them witness the amazing cycle of life when a tadpole transforms itself into a frog.planet-frog-kit

This frog kit measures13.5″L x 8″W x 6.5″H and comes in a break-resistant terrarium that mimics a rain forest environment. It has a see-through lid for easy viewing and can be easily cleaned. Inside the habitat consists of plastic plants, a pond and a shelter for the frogs.

Included in the kit is an order form, which you need to send off and receive live Leopard Frog tadpoles, also called Rana pipien. The tadpoles are from a sustainable source, are being bred in captivity and will be delivered to your door. Tadpoles are very delicate and shipping may be delayed if weather conditions are not right.

No matter what age, you and your children will love to learn about how to take care of the tadpoles and frogs, how and what to feed them and many other facts.

Sit back and watch the amazing transformation from tadpoles to frogs. Watch them swim in the pond, hide in the cavern and explore their habitat. Take a close view through the built-in magnifier at these amazing creatures and be a witness to the cycle of life.

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