Tell Me More Spanish Home School Version

Product Name: Tell Me More Spanish Home School Version
Rating: 8
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Description: Tell Me More is a complete software program that helps you to learn different languages. This version will help you teach your child Spanish from beginning to end right in your own home.

Review: I found this software to be the complete package. It contains over 37 activities for your children to learn from and an activity guide to help you with lesson plans.

There are 4 levels: complete beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. I found these levels to be very helpful in starting my children out. It allowed my children to learn at their pace which is important for me. I didn’t want to rush them before they were ready.

It contains six different areas of learning. This I felt was really important. It helped my children not only learn oral Spanish but also grammar, vocabulary, how to write Spanish and about the Spanish culture. I found this to be very impressive.

There is also a link to Tell Me More that will help you with any questions you may have. You may also create several different accounts. This helps if you have more than one child or if you as a parent want to learn right along with your children.

One of my favorite parts is the audio CD. I could just throw it into the CD player and listen with my children. It helped to put a little fun into our learning experience.

If you are a parent who homeschools your children or if you just want them to learn the Spanish language I recommend this software. In our ever-changing world Spanish is becoming a common language in the United States and teaching this language to your children will only help them in their future.

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