Safe Pregnancy Skin Care

December 15, 2009

Did you get choosy about your skin care products when you were pregnant?

I was pleasantly surprised to find a warning against phthalates in a recent magazine I subscribe to (it was Fit Pregnancy which I consider to be pretty mainstream).

safe pregnancy skin care

The last time I was pregnant that information was hardly on the radar for most mainstream media.

Phthalates are an ingredient found in many skin care products such as lotions, shampoos and nail polish. It may or may not be on the label and may fall under the umbrella “fragrance”.

What I find so interesting is the typical pregnant woman’s response to such “fragrance”.

Personally, the smell of any conventional shampoo and soap make me overwhelmed with nausea and I begin to gag. I wonder if this isn’t a protective response? (Burt’s Bees shampoo I am tolerating just fine. It’s also phtalate free.)

Now that I’m expecting again, I’m getting picky about my skin care. I had let some items with parabens sneak into my bathrooms. These have to go.

What did you use on your skin when you’re pregnant that’s nontoxic and safe?

Skin care is a bit tricky during pregnancy. On the one hand you may have rashes and itching due to increased sensitivity, but also be experiencing breakouts.

My favorite “go to” product is coconut oil. It seems you can’t get much better than coconut oil as a safe skin care product when you’re pregnant.

It’s great as a face and body moisturizer and hair conditioner, as a spot treatment for pimples – you can even use it as an *ahem* personal lubricant. (And since it’s antifungal, that can only be good for the nether regions and those sneaky yeast infections that can crop up when you’re pregnant – thanks to the extra estrogen.)

I’m also liking Belli All Day Moisture Lotion. It does have a mild lemon scent that comes from lemon oil, not synthetic fragrance, and it’s paraben and phtalate free and doesn’t bother my sensitive nose.

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3 Responses to “Safe Pregnancy Skin Care”

  1. Mary Lutz on December 15th, 2009 1:38 pm

    These are great tips Carrie. I wish they would have had all these cool products when I was pregnant…maybe they did and I just didn’t know about them…LOL. Anyway, I will pass them along to my daughter in law who is expecting in Feb.

  2. Michelle on December 28th, 2009 11:22 am

    Hi Carrie,

    I remember when I was pregnant one of the things that made me absolutely nauseous was certain types of dish soap!

    Coffee and beef were the other two things, but strangely enough the dish soap was the worst! I didn’t know about all those chemicals 11 years ago but wish I did!

  3. Karina on January 1st, 2010 11:35 pm

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    If anyone interested, their site is

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