EcoWednesday – Saving Ink and Paper and Indoor Drying Racks

January 30, 2008

Cool tip from GreenDaily (which is a cool blog to subscribe to, I learn stuff all the time and it’s active enough to keep my interest) on saving printer ink as well as paper.

Also wanted to report on my recent IKEA acquisition: the FROST indoor drying rack. Even though I hang all the laundry on a clothesline outside, I still wanted a couple of these to use inside on rainy days. We’ve also had some days lately that were really cold, and my hands start to hurt and my nails turn blue while hanging wet laundry, which isn’t fun. I thought these would be a great solution.ikea indoor laundry rack

I LOVE them. Firstly, the price is RIGHT honey. I paid more for a cheap wooden one at Target that falls over when you walk past it and doesn’t hold even a half load of laundry. The Frost holds TWO LOADS. I couldn’t believe how much laundry I could hang on it for the space it takes up!

At 16.99 each they’re a great deal.


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2 Responses to “EcoWednesday – Saving Ink and Paper and Indoor Drying Racks”

  1. Tiffany on January 31st, 2008 1:56 pm

    No Ikea’s here :(

    But this summer we plan to travel a bit and I will load up then.

  2. Reducing Your Utility Costs | Natural Moms Talk Radio on May 2nd, 2008 8:07 am

    [...] I started doing several months ago is hanging all the laundry. I talked about how I bought these indoor drying racks from IKEA for really cold or rainy [...]

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