Save Money: Know What to Buy Organic

April 5, 2009

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When it comes to lowering your grocery budget while still eating a healthy diet, one of the tips you will hear over and over is this one:Striped German Heirloom Tomatoes

“Know WHAT to buy organic.”

That means that some food items are more likely to be contaminated than others with pesticides (corn, dairy products), so it makes sense to buy those items organic.

On the other hand, some foods have no appreciable pesticide residue so it’s still pretty safe to go conventional.

The Environmental Working Group has recently released their 5th edition of the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides. You do have to sign up for their newsletter to get it, but they send you a printable pocket guide to keep in your wallet (helpful – I’m always forgetting this info!).

You can also check the full list of 47 fruits and veggies to see where your family’s favorites fall.

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