Savvy Saving Tips for Busy Moms

July 15, 2008

If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of books about finances, money, budgeting etc… and quite possibly didn’t benefit from them fully. Do a lot of books on personal finance seem difficult to implement for a “real world” woman? That’s how it always seemed to me. The ideas sounded great but they just didn’t fit my life or my financial situation.

About 3 years ago, I got Dar Arechederra’s Savvy Saving for Busy Women ebook and read it. I enjoyed it very much back then, and even wrote a recommendation for the book on my old blog. Like all the awesome ebooks I print out, I filed it away. Just recently when I was clearing out my office I came across this ebook again and pulled it out for a quick skim. I realized how fantastic the book is and wanted to talk about it to my new blog readers and friends.

Savvy Saving for Busy Women totally speaks on your level… from one busy mom trying to do the best thing for her money to another.

The ebook teaches you how to realistically save money even if you have debt, even if you think there’s no money left, even if the complicated budgeting tools you’ve studied elsewhere just didn’t cut it. Oh, and without feeling totally deprived or spending precious hours cutting coupons!

Some things I really enjoyed about the book:

  • How to identify your “fritter” expenses…and use them to jumpstart your savings plan.
  • How to have a built in positive rewards system so you can FEEL your budget working!
  • How to stay motivated for your savings plan
  • Creative ways to “find” money that’s there and use it to full advantage

In short I found this book to be extremely helpful and saw easy tips that I can immediately put to work. It also comes with a lifebook journal to make implementing your plan easier.

Check out Savvy Saving for Busy Women

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