Sick of Cooking, Sick of Eating

Do you ever feel this way?

For the last couple of weeks I have had ZERO desire to cook. Or eat, for that matter.

I usually enjoy cooking. (And I usually love eating!) In fact I enjoy the whole meal planning/shopping/cooking continuum.

But lately?


I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or what.

Last Sunday hubby wanted to take me out to eat, and I had no craving or appetite for anything.

I feel a little hungry sometimes but wish I could just take a pill to meet all my nutritional needs and go about my day.

orange juice

Oddly, I’m craving orange juice (something I never drink) like crazy. Like, painfully craving.

What do you do when you are in a cooking or eating rut?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mervi of Tomato Branch
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2 Responses to Sick of Cooking, Sick of Eating

  1. Hmmm…do you have a bun in the oven? I’m feeling the same way though, and I know I don’t have one in there. I think it’s just this unbearable heat…who wants to heat up their kitchen when it’s 98 degrees outside???

  2. carrie says:

    Don’t think so… but I never say never. LOL. I wonder what the OJ craving is about? Maybe extra vitamin C helps you deal with the heat?

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