I have a lot of things I want to write about. I have 3 notebooks, each filled with notes and dozens of blog posts in the making.


It’s more fun to sit around and do this all day.

She has huge feet. I wonder if this means she’ll be tall?

She can also do that freaky thing that I can also do where she stretches her toes waaaaay out like this. Which makes them look even bigger.

She was pretty long at birth. None of her newborn clothing fit, her legs/feet were too long and all jammed up in the footed part, so I had to skip to the 3-6 month sizes.

She’s already growing. I can tell. Her head is bigger around. Her trunk is bigger. It makes sense because she nurses ALL THE TIME. I haven’t had a baby nurse this much since my oldest. (Of course, I am not complaining because she sleeps a long time at night… like 12 hours, waking only once to nurse. Which is just fine by me!)

She also shares a teensy bit of evening fussiness with the oldest too.

I’ve noticed that newborns have nursing personalities. She is definitely a Barracuda/Piranha type. My boobs are killing me. Which seems odd, since *I* definitely know what I’m doing.

I think she has a touch of tongue tie. I spotted it and the midwives did too. Her Pediatrician said it was very mild and probably wouldn’t cause any problems. But the soreness tells me otherwise.

I think I’ll have him take another look or refer me to a specialist at her 2 month checkup.

A few blog posts I have really enjoyed reading (since I’m not writing many!):

– Headmistress at the Common Room talked about dealing with teens, especially adolescent boys. I LOVED this post.

– At Simple Homeschool, one of my favorite bloggers, Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy asks: “What About Me? On Taking Care of Yourself As a Homeschool Mom“.

Experimental Wifery shared 10 Lies You Tell Yourself and How To See Through Them. The technical term for these lies is “cognitive bias”. Cognitive bias is a huge interest of mine. I’ve even had the oldest kid read through a list of common biases and sort of memorize them.

Genevieve at the MamaNatural show was sweet enough to announce Victoria’s arrival. You can watch her show below. Seventh Heaven, indeed. :-)

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4 Responses to Smatterings

  1. Seventh Heaven? Now I get it :) Thanks for the mention, Carrie!

  2. Learning about cognitive distortions has been one of the most important steps in my continuing recovery from depression. Sharing them with your kids is a great idea. Not only will it make them less vulnerable to the kinds of thoughts that compound many mental illnesses, but it will make them happier people, too.

    Thanks for the link back!

  3. carrie says:

    you’re very welcome Anne :)

  4. carrie says:

    Exactly Alison.. that’s where I learned about bias, reading books about positive thinking. And A.J. Jacobs’ book My Life As An Experiment has a huge list of biases in the appendix. You’re welcome for the link, I enjoy your site even though I haven’t ever commented. ;)

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