Here It Is: Smoothie Cookbook

Smoothies are awesome. I don’t have to convince you of that because you’re probably already making smoothies all the time now for your self and your family. The fact that many people pay $4- $5 for a fancy smoothie testifies to that!

Smoothies are great because they’re:

  • made from the most basic of ingredients
  • take minutes to whip up
  • can be endlessly customized for your needs
  • taste delicious
  • are very nutritious and can be chock full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • an easy way to get said nutrients in your kids without them knowing. :)

Smoothies can even assist in weight loss efforts, help you have a more frugal kitchen, and of course improve your overall health.

Here is where the Simply Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Cookbook comes in!

Here are just a few of the yummy recipes the ebook includes:

  • Sweet and Sour Smoothie
  • No Need for Pancakes Smoothie (I know you’re curious about this one!)
  • Cheesecake in A Glass (great for those cravings!)
  • You Could’ve Had a Smoothie (lots of veggies)
  • Greener Side of Fruit Smoothie
  • Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie
  • Green Pineapple Paradise
  • Raspberry Cream Smoothie
  • Pineapple Banana Mama

44 smoothie recipes in all!

The ebook also has tips on: boosting your weight loss efforts by drinking smoothies, adding more nutrition (including sneaking health infusing ingredients that your kids may refuse otherwise!), and saving money with smoothies.

I am offering this recipe book as a “Thank You” special to my subscribers, listeners and blog readers. Once I launch this to the general public it will be priced higher.

You can get:

Just The Smoothie Recipes for $5

(That’s about the price of ONE of those fancy schmancy smoothies that have too much sugar anyway!)

- OR -

The best deal – my Ultimate 365 Salad Cookbook (named such because it has 365 salad recipes) along WITH the Smoothie Recipes for the super low price of:

Smoothies AND Salads for $11.97

The Salad Cookbook is $11.97 so you’re basically getting the Smoothie Recipes thrown in for FREE.

Sound good? Click one of the links above and get your cookbooks instantly. :-)

P.S. As a customer of either of these cookbooks, you’ll also get lifetime updates for free! As I add more recipes I will release a new version once a year. You’ll get free access to these new improved versions.

Thanks so much for being a listener!

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3 Responses to Here It Is: Smoothie Cookbook

  1. Christine says:

    Carrie, when I click on the link for both the salad and smoothie recipes, the check out has no item listed, Is this an error?

  2. Carrie says:

    I’m sorry but the two aren’t available as a set anymore. :)
    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix the links.

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