Soul Food and Chocolate

February 14, 2008

LaTara of Vegan Family Living talked about soul food on her show last week.

I grew up eating soul food like black eyed peas and collard greens, fried chicken, sweet potato casserole, squash casserole (one of my favorite foods in the world), fried okra, cornbread and dressing, pinto beans, with chow chow on the side….. mostly I got these delicacies at my Grandmother’s house (my Mom was a great cook but she’s from out west, she didn’t cook “Southern” so much).

A lot of these dishes are actually quite healthy. Southerners like my Grandparents ate a lot of vegetables and beans. People make fun of Southerners because of the way they eat, but most of the older people I know who ate bacon with breakfast every morning were eating vegetables they had grown themselves in their gardens, meat they raised by hand, eggs from chickens that were pets. In my opinion their diet was far superior to a lot of people’s today. They also worked very hard and burned off all that fat.

I am amazed that LaTara can make vegan “fried chicken”! But, I’m probably never going to eat chitterlings.

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