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Postpartum Life: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

You know what’s a little nuts? Having a 3 day old infant sleeping away in the bed at 3 AM while you, on the other hand, cannot sleep. Yes, kids, I have postpartum insomnia. I’m not surprised, since I’ve had … Continue reading

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Maybe, Baby?

It looks like today is the day. I had contractions all night… they were spaced about 30 minutes or so apart, but strong enough to wake me, and I had to breathe and chant “pressure, warmth, open….” to get through … Continue reading

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40 Weeks

Today is my official due date. I’m 40 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, babies can’t tell time. (Actually, my midwife says they CAN, we just don’t like their timing!) My countdown checklist is a little bare for this week, because I never … Continue reading

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Things To Do In Early Labor

What do you do when you know you’re in early labor? If you’ve had a couple of babies or more, you know that having some things to do to keep busy is a good idea. Why? Paying attention to labor … Continue reading

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Books That Changed My Life

  Modern Mrs. Darcy is hosting “The Book That Changed My Life” blog carnival and I couldn’t not participate. I’m a huge reader, almost exclusively of non-fiction. One of the reasons I enjoy reading non-fiction so much is because of … Continue reading

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A Year Ago Today

Wow. Like, where did the time go? Favorite activities: Scoping out the fridge when anyone leaves the door ajar. Which is several times a day. And a little thing I like to call “Decluttering”. (Those shelves were just way.too.full.before.) (And … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #144

My guest this week is Cathy Daub, founder of BirthWorks.org. BirthWorks is a non-profit organization that certifies women to become childbirth educators and doulas (for more information about hosting a workshop, click here). They offer childbirth preparation classes and can … Continue reading

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Birth Stories Book Giveaway

I love birth. I love reading about birth. I love reading birth stories. I even publish birth stories here on this site. So I am happy to host a giveaway of Belly Button Bliss: A Small Collection of Happy Birth … Continue reading

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How To Have Natural Childbirth

The other day a young friend of mine, who is pregnant with her first child, posted something about her desire to have a natural childbirth on her Facebook page. Uh-oh. You know what really upsets me? When a woman states … Continue reading

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Handy Spray Review

While I was pregnant, I was contacted about reviewing the Handy Spray. In a nutshell, Handy Spray is a hand-held “bidet” that hooks right on to your toilet and doesn’t require a plumber to install. It took my husband about … Continue reading

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