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How To Have Naturally Shiny Hair

There are all kinds of products that crowd drugstore shelves claiming to make your hair shiny. Many of them rely on silicones. While they’re probably not terribly harmful for your hair,  silicone has to go through a lot of chemical … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #128

Our guest this week is John Roulac, the CEO & Founder of Nutiva, who since 1999 has operated as a values-driven company dedicated to nourishing people and planet. We’re talking today about the wonders of coconut oil, its many benefits … Continue reading

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Natural Sunscreen

Summertime is here and we’ve spent nearly every day outside, often at the pool or just hanging out in the yard. The kids are getting as brown as nuts but noone has had even the slightest bit of red. We … Continue reading

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The Swine Flu Diet

photo credit: kasthor While I’m sure having the swine flu causes weight loss, I’m not referring to a new diet craze. I want to talk about how to avoid getting the swine flu with good diet. The same things that … Continue reading

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My Cast Iron Skillet Hates Me

Sigh. photo credit: normanack Please don’t misunderstand. I’m certainly not going to resort to Teflon anytime soon. But I’m getting increasingly irritated with my cast iron skillet. I seem to be totally inept at this business called “seasoning”. A couple … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t You Eating More Coconut Oil?

I love coconut oil. I love the flavor. I love the smell. I love the versatility. I love how it is solid in cooler temperatures and liquid at warmer ones. I love the health benefits. Maybe that’s where I lost … Continue reading

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