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Things That Are Broken

Have you ever read Seth Godin’s blog? He sometimes mentions “things that are broken“. It’s all about dumb things that marketers and governments do that just don’t work. The video is fun too. As a mom, I’ve discovered plenty of … Continue reading

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Green Moms Weekly: Playing With Your Kids

This week’s Green Moms Weekly post is all about play. What are some fun, simple and interactive activities that you engage your children with? I have to admit, that play was once a difficult thing for me as a mom. … Continue reading

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Scheduling Kids in the Summer

Lazy days of summer. Dog days of summer. That’s how the sayings go. I do love summer. I think I try to soak up all the sun and Vitamin D I can before winter, when I tend to be a … Continue reading

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Cheap Summer Fun for Families

After filing our taxes this year, hubby and I got an unpleasant surprise. Turns out, having a “good” year means we now owe our firstborn to Uncle Sam. Our accountant didn’t count on us having our income increase as much … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You About Sally

4 days ago, a new person came into our lives. We walked outside to do who knows what, and she came running from across the street. She was beautiful. Gleaming blonde coat, perfect clean ears, even her paws looked pristine. … Continue reading

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ToT: 10 Things I’d Bring On a Deserted Island

photo credit: danya. This week’s Ten on Tuesday asks what 10 items you would want to bring on a deserted island. Here goes: My kids. I don’t know if that counts as 1, or 4. My Bible. Lip balm. I’m … Continue reading

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It’s official. Summer is here. The kids are out of school. (If you’re new here, I recently enrolled my kids in public school. They had been homeschooled all their lives.) I was pleased that when the school year ended, the … Continue reading

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Melissa and Doug Toys on Sale

Are you familiar with Melissa and Doug toys? They are an awesome line of high quality wooden toys. You can read reviews of some of these toys here: Melissa and Doug cookie set Band in a Box Responsibility Chart At … Continue reading

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Homemade Play Dough and Goop

You know, I’m not very crafty. My mom has an entire ROOM in her home set up with kids crafts and every conceivable artsy medium, which I think is awesome, but me? Meh. Not really my gig. Although I do … Continue reading

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Unplugged Play

Melitsa Avila, who was a guest on the show back in June, is planning a series of interactive unplugged play activities on her blog. Each day for 12 days she will share easy ideas for unplugged fun for you and … Continue reading

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