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Kids, Chores and Allowances

After reading and responding to a comment Candi left on yesterday’s post (about accomplishing those weekly and monthly cleaning chores), I realized it’s been ages since I wrote about kids, chores and allowances. I’m pretty opinionated on this topic, and … Continue reading

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Getting Monthly and Weekly Cleaning Chores Done

When you’re a mom of young kids, much of your housecleaning time involves putting out fires. Today so far I’ve: Wiped up 3 water or milk spills courtesy of toddler Picked up strewn books, toys, etc off floor Changed toddler … Continue reading

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You know what I find interesting lately? What people assume. I was taught that when you assume, you make an ass+u+me. But, I was raised right. Not everyone learned that wisdom. I find it humorous that people assume that because … Continue reading

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How Older Kids Benefit From Having Younger Siblings

My oldest son was a Happy Accident. (Apparently, the cervical cap doesn’t work if you don’t use it. Who knew!?) Of course, once I had him I realized I had found my niche. And I also knew right away that … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #145

This week I spoke with Melissa Fay Greene, fellow Atlanta resident and author of several books, including No Biking in the House Without a Helmet. Melissa is the mother of 9 children. Her first 4 came to her the usual … Continue reading

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Family Meeting

At our house, we recently started a new weekly tradition. Monday night is our Family Meeting Do you have something similar at your house? Family Meetings are a chance for us to gather and: Discuss future plans (weekend fun, vacations, … Continue reading

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You Might Be The Baby In a Large Family

photo credit: Valocity Studios (By the way, this isn’t my family. This is just a nice looking family I found by searching stock photos.) You Might Be The Baby In a Large Family If… If your wardrobe is monstrously huge … Continue reading

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How Do You Homeschool Multiple Children?

One of the questions people ask when they come across homeschooling parents is how they manage to teach their kids when they have more than one. Since so many homeschooling families seem to have larger families, it can certainly be … Continue reading

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