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Hi to Miss Minimalist Readers

Francine Jay, best selling author and writer of the lovely blog Miss Minimalist was sweet enough to publish my profile yesterday. You can read it here: Larger Family Minimalism I thought I would link to a few of my favorite … Continue reading

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How I Use Evernote to Eliminate Paper Clutter

I love Evernote. I use it for so many things now that I don’t know how I lived without it before. One of the reasons I love Evernote is this: It eliminates paper clutter. While working through the projects in … Continue reading

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How To Be a Minimalist Parent

Monday night I joined a dozen or so fellow Atlantans for a meetup at a local coffee shop (that overspilled into a restaurant). We got together to meet Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists. It was fun. … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #148

My guest this week is Rachel McFadden of HappyGreenBabies. We’re talking about Minimalism and Minimalist Parenting. You can listen to the show by clicking on the grey audio player below the transcript (at the bottom, just before the comments). Or … Continue reading

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On Simplifying: No More Hand Me Down Clothing Stash!

“…If, then, your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright.” Matthew 6:22, NWT   I made what may be potentially viewed as a radical decision for a mom. Heretical, even. Especially for a mom with a larger family. … Continue reading

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15 Things I Do To Save Money Meme

Tiffany tagged me with this meme, and frugality is one of my favorite subjects so I’m happy to oblige! Of course, if you’ve already read hers, many of mine will sound awfully familiar. We’re cyber doppelgangers, after all. I try … Continue reading

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