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5 Foods For Fertility

The following is a guest post from Nichi Kuechle, a Parent Coach, Childbirth Educator, Doula, and Craniosacral Therapist, and Mom. I interviewed Nichi for the podcast several weeks ago, when we talked about postpartum planning and recovery. I am not … Continue reading

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Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

When I tried making my own baby wipes (using paper towels), it was a colossal FAIL. The paper towels shredded where I cut them, leaving huge fuzzy balls everywhere, including baby’s linty butt. I didn’t find that they cleaned particularly … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapering Makes Your Life Simpler

This week’s Green Moms Weekly post has to do with a topic that’s an old favorite for many: Cloth Diapering. “What do you say to people who can’t wrap their head around the cloth diapering phenomena? Give some simple and … Continue reading

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Homemade *FAIL*

I try hard to make things homemade as often as I can. Especially if the homemade version is more natural, less toxic, healthier, and cheaper. Laundry detergent is an example. There’s natural hair conditioner, shampoo, facial moisturizer, homemade lip balm. … Continue reading

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A Baby Wearing Story

It’s International Babywearing Week. My babywearing story began 13 years ago, when my oldest son was just a couple of days old. Someone had given me a front pack baby carrier, and it had a million buckles and straps. It … Continue reading

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Natural Mineral Sunscreens for Kids

** I have another cool giveaway to offer you so be sure to read all the way through! ** If you’re like me, you’re concerned about conflicting reports as to the safety of conventional sunscreens. None of us wants to … Continue reading

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Review: Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil

Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil Review submitted by: Kirstan Graham Motherlove Birth and Baby Oil is an organic apricot oil with a touch of lavender for multiple uses throughout pregnancy, birth and baby’s tender years. The oil itself is light … Continue reading

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Natural Moms Podcast #134

My guest this week is Laurel McCarthy of CarryMeAway.com Laurel’s topic is how babywearing can make life with littles a whole lot easier – especially when traveling and visiting relatives, such as around the holiday season. Laurel contributed an article … Continue reading

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Treasure Basket Play Giveaway

A few months ago, I interviewed Melitsa Avila of Play-Activities about entertaining babies and toddlers without electronics. She shared with my listeners something called treasure baskets. I don’t have a baby anymore, but I loved Melitsa’s ideas. When my kids … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Natural Baby Products At Home

photo credit: jolien_vallins If you’re concerned about the products and ingredients going on your baby’s skin, then the best solution is to create baby products right in your home.  It’s fun to make natural baby stuff for your friends too. … Continue reading

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