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Why I Shop at ALDI

I don’t know about you, but I find that our larder goes empty a day or two earlier these days. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out why this is so, when it dawned on me that … Continue reading

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Nutritional Brainwashing

Every once in awhile, one of my kids does or says something that proves to me that the brainwashing I hope to engage in is taking effect. Do you know what I mean? I consider it my job to brainwash … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Ice Pop Joy

This giveaway is closed – the winner is Julie, commenter #9. Thanks for your interest! Is there anything better on a hot summer’s day than a cold, drippy, delicious ice pop? What about one that’s made with organic fruits and … Continue reading

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Healthy Aldi Meal Plan

Feeding your family healthy, whole foods meals on a budget is no small challenge. One of the things that can help is to shop at a discount store like ALDI. When I discovered ALDI last year, I was astounded at … Continue reading

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Books That Changed My Life

  Modern Mrs. Darcy is hosting “The Book That Changed My Life” blog carnival and I couldn’t not participate. I’m a huge reader, almost exclusively of non-fiction. One of the reasons I enjoy reading non-fiction so much is because of … Continue reading

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Meal Plan 4/16

I tried several times to sit down and make a meal plan for this week, but I was feeling so nauseous I couldn’t bear to think about food. So I decided to outsource the task and ask the family to … Continue reading

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Meal Plan 4/9

This week I tried out a new meal planner called Build A Menu to prepare my shopping list. I’ve used E-mealz in the past but ended up cancelling my subscription, simply because I wanted more flexibility in my meal plan. … Continue reading

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Why Teach Your Kids To Cook?

I’m a firm believer in teaching kids how to cook. While it’s not always easier, or faster, or even simpler in the short term, it’s definitely better in the long term. Which is true of many aspects of parenting, no? … Continue reading

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Simple Easy Black Bean Soup

One of the things I struggle with when it comes to meal planning is lunches. Lunches shouldn’t be that complicated, right? But for some reason I always draw a blank at lunchtime. Yesterday I had a mom friend over and … Continue reading

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Benefits of Bi-Weekly Meal Planning and Shopping

I had to google “bi-weekly”, because I’ve never been sure whether it meant “every two weeks” or “twice a week”. Turns out, in the US the word bi-weekly means “every two weeks”, but if you live in the UK, it … Continue reading

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