The Benefits of Homeschooling – from a Kid’s Perspective

My 9 year old son came to me the other day and said he wanted to write an article on the ten best things about homeschooling. I thought what he wrote was so interesting because it showed me what he values the most about the experience. Some of the things made me laugh too!

Other than assisting with opening up Microsoft Word and showing him how to use spell check, he did this on his own.

The Ten Benefits of Home Schooling 

1: Kids can get their chores done faster.

2: Some schools have a dress code but you can wear what you want when you are home schooled.

3: At school you have to sit down for SEVEN HOURS! Moreover, you can spend more time with your family. And that is the important thing.

4: You can save money because, you don’t have to drive your kids to school and you don’t have to spend money on school clothes or lunches.

5: There is not as much schoolwork to do. You can learn faster.

6: You can do your work at just about any time of the day.

7: Kids can learn at their own pace.

8: Kids don’t miss their favorite PBS show.

9: Kids can have more fun with mom and dad.

10: Kids don’t have to worry about bullies, mean teachers and not being able to go to the bathroom when they want to.

:-) My favorite was the “moreover”. Oh and the part about not missing CyberChase (his favorite PBS show). LOL!


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4 Responses to The Benefits of Homeschooling – from a Kid’s Perspective

  1. Renae says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Your son did a great job!

  2. Crystal says:

    Carrie, I always enjoy reading your posts, though I don’t usually comment. But I just had to come out of the closet on this one. One of the things I hated most about school was not being able to go to the bathroom whenever “nature called!” I always thought it pretty demeaning to tell kids, “No, you have to wait…” and more often than not, for a long time. That, and in my experience, the whole class often heard you ask to go. After all, the rule was something like, “Raise your hand and don’t get out of your seat!” :-( ) Anyway, give your son a pat on the back from me, and keep up the great work you do!

  3. Victoria R says:

    I can totally relate to #10, but at the same time I think it’s important for kids to understand how to handle these types of issues-bullies, mean teachers, planned restroom breaks. If they aren’t forced to deal with some of these issues will they end up thinking that life is always easy?

  4. carrie says:

    My kids have had to deal with these issues with friends, neighbors, etc. I think I’m also doing my job by protecting them from some of these situations. I know kids as young as 4 who have been sexually assaulted in school – is this something I want to prepare my kids for?

    However, I don’t necessarily think that young kids are meant to be exposed to these kinds of situations in order to prepare them for “real life”.

    For example, we don’t force our elementary school aged kids to work for money even though they will eventually be expected to.

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