The Solidarity of Women through the Powerful transformation that is Birth….

November 11, 2007

Hello again Ladies!

I’m so excited to talk to you today about women and solidarity through Birth. I don’t have to tell you how much I love to talk about Birth as it’s own topic, but there’s nothing quite like the strength and connection women find when they walk through Birth together.

Someone asked me once if I’m against male OBs. They were commenting on how I speak of midwives most often in the female, and since I’m fiercely interested in equality between the sexes, well they thought they’d bring this inaccuracy to my attention. ;) The term “midwife” means: “With Woman”. It would be inaccurate of me to say that there are no good male OB’s, no sensitive male GYNs, or no male Midwives. But the reality of it is that no matter how kind, gentle or compassionate they are, they can’t completely KNOW what women are experiencing in Birth, and can’t provide for them the benefit of having had a GYN exam, carried a baby in utero, or pushed a baby out of their vagina and into the world. I don’t personally subscribe to the belief that doctors “deliver” babies, and don’t even really think they should be the ones catching them…but that’s another topic.:)So in my book, they can’t really GO “with woman”. A man can hold her hand, hug her, provide physical and emotional support as labor companions and medical personnel, but they just can’t look her deep in her eyes, soul to soul and say: I’ve been where you are, and I know that when you will come through it, this will all be worth it.”

In many cultures women are the only ones allowed in the Birthing space. Men aren’t allowed in because they distract the women or start barking orders in a place they are not in charge. Many of these cultures are very male-dominant, and not equality based, but in that one sacred space, women are the ones with the wisdom-the ones who KNOW. Before I get any letters saying how supportive male partners are, and how important it is for them to be in the room….I’m not against men in the Birthing space, as long as they are wanted. As far as I’m concerned, the mother has the choice to have (or not have) anyone she pleases in her Birthing space. No exceptions. Period.

Women who have survived sexual abuse or rape, even when they’ve processed the pain and done everything they can to let it go, sometimes find this comes up in Birth, particularly when men are present. My opinion is that this is because Birth requires so much surrender, and is as powerful and as vulnerable as a women can ever be. The kind of nakedness you experience in Birth is beautiful, but also frightening and the “audience” makes a big difference in how you look back at it….but I’m going off on a tangent….

When women gather in that sacred moment-there is a comradarie you don’t find easily outside it. There is a deeper strength found between women, and a trust that can’t be described. Women just know. And it is this “just knowing” that makes us part of something greater. Something beautiful and life-alterning.

Many women find that they want to connect with other women, but may not have friends or family that understand the unique emotional/spiritual needs of a pregnant woman. They may attend childbirth classes, hoping for connection but although laughs are shared, and some connections made, these classes are primarily designed to teach about the physical process of Birth, what to expect in labor/delivery, and breathing/coaching techniques for the woman and her partner. It isn’t really designed to delve into the aspects of Birth that are transformational for the woman, or to encourage emotional and spiritual catharsis. That’s why I created She Births Workshops, and I love seeing women make those kinds of connections and rediscover the powerful person they are, form intimate connections with other women in similar “states of searching”, and leave the workshop with tools and wisdom they would rarely gain from traditional childbirth classes.

If this is something you inherently understand and feel drawn to, then here’s something I want to share with you! offers a facilitator training course, which certifies women (and only women) to teach workshops that help women to prepare for the intangible aspects of the Birth process. The workshops are women-only…It is extremely women-centered and earthy, and a great way to help women prepare for the Rite of Birth.

This course is usually $600.00, but this month, the month of November I’m offering a special (very) opportunity for those on my mailing list, and readers/friends of Carrie’s Blog!

Here’s the info I sent to my list: Spaces are filling up quickly (just 5 left!), so if you’re interested be sure to get in touch with me soon!


Hello Everyone!

We are offering the She Births Facilitator Certification Course for just $375.00! That’s $225.00 off the price!

Here’s the “small print”:

1) We are limiting the number of students at this price.

2) You must be willing to commit to finishing the course Before Feb. 1st 2008 (The course can easily be finished in 3 months, but we usually give 6 months to finish)

3) You need to be willing to provide feedback when requested, by means of either an online survey or an emailed questionaire, (we’ll determine which one) and be honest-this will help us improve the course.

4) At the conclusion of the course, there will be a more in-depth questionaire and comment section, and you should be willing to have your comments published on the website-along with your first name and your state.

5) Because of this special pricing, we are willing to do a payment plan of: 2 Payments of: $187.50, but they must be paid BEFORE you begin the course. We cannot have people only partially committed to this course, and expect an influx of potential facilitator trainees, and want to keep it simple.

6) Not everyone who wants to become certified will be accepted. We screen for certain belief systems and innate understand about Birth and it’s intangible aspects, as well as a passion for the topic. Once you are screened and accepted as an applicant, we will work out payment and send you your Welcome packet!

That’s it! Everything else is the same-you will have access to all the same resources, one on one time with Marcie Macari, and the opportunity to begin or enhance and already existing Birth Service! If you are interested in taking advantage of this special offer, please contact Anne Gilbert at: , or Marcie Macari directly at: .

We look forward to sharing in your journey toward certification!


Until next time…

Blessings of Flame and Wave.


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