This Time I Prepared

Last month I blogged about having surgery on my foot, and how my efforts to blog something intelligible were interesting to say the least.

Unlike that picture, this actually IS my real foot, about two weeks post-op, minus the bunion.

Notice the lovely bruises – my toes were black and blue and green for weeks.

But now my right foot is almost back to normal. A tiny bit of stiffness and swelling, but nothing bad. And a fetching scar to boot!

Well tomorrow morning I’m having the other (left) foot done, so I’ll be out of commission and off the laptop for a few days, but this time I prepared. Gotta love WordPress with its ability to schedule posts!

I have a guest blogger, Alice from Schmoozins , whose article will be posting tomorrow.

Plus I gave you all two great freebies so you would have something fun and informative to read while I’m spending 3 whole days in bed. Don’t you feel sorry for me? ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

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4 Responses to This Time I Prepared

  1. Tishia Lee says:

    Wow your foot looks really horrible! Well that sounded bad, I don’t mean horrible as in ugly or something, I mean horrible as in ouch horrible.

    Looking at that picture makes my foot hurt! Good luck with the surgery tomorrow!

  2. Alice says:

    You’re letting that Alice chick on here? You might be feeling silly! ;-)

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