When I woke up this morning I Twittered about feeling really exhausted today. PetiteMommy (aka Amanda) felt the same. Maybe it’s a storm front moving in. It’s supposed to start raining here today, through the weekend.

Or maybe it’s something else.

I’ve been going through some emo stuff lately. The same old, same old. Same shizzle (from the same nizzle), different day.

I shared on Mom’s Morning Show Tuesday that I was considering getting a part time temp job outside the home. But then Treece, Kelly, Tishia and Cara smacked some sense into me. It makes no logical sense for me to work for $10- $15 an hour when I get $50 an hour for my coaching services. I have a large, unusual, one time expense that I have to take care of that doesn’t exactly fit into my monthly budget, and I refuse to dip into savings or go into debt to fund it. But it’s going to work out. Got several tricks up my sleeve, including stepping out a bit more to market my services.

Of course I could be tired because I’ve been taking the kids to the pool 3 times a week. Since none of them are good swimmers (working on it!), it’s stressful (constant vigilance) and that wears a body out. I have also been exercising every day (I need the endorphins). That on top of the swimming – maybe I need a day off.

And my 2 and 9 month old daughter is in the throes of “disequilibrium” at the moment. If you’re not familiar, disequilibrium is the phenomenon that explains how your sweet, even tempered, reasonable child suddenly turns into a whining, screaming…. creature. I learned about disequilibrium in these books. Which totally ROCK by the way. I’ve read each and every one for every year up to 10 (my oldest kid).  

So my baby, instead of “using her words”, is screaming and whining at the top of her lungs anytime anyone: Looks at Her; Laughs at Her; Walks Away From Her; Talks About Her; Doesn’t Hand Over the Dora Band-Aids (or whatever else she wants) Fast Enough, Doesn’t Accompany Her To The Potty, etc.

It wears a body down.

Then my oldest this morning decided to talk some smack to me. Here is the set up:

We were sitting eating breakfast when the boys start talking about how their nephew required them to do chores before he would let them play his Wii. (This was when they were visiting my sis and her family and staying at their house. ) Since this particular nephew is a Neat Freak and in charge of domestic duties, no doubt he was a Wii bit irritated at the extra mess more kids were creating for him and wanted a little help before he handed over his Wii remote. I was getting irritated at their continued gossip on the subject so I basically told them both that the experience hadn’t killed them, that I was tired of hearing about it, and to cease and desist.

So my oldest says, “Yea, cause you don’t care about ANYTHING.”

He has a mouth on him.

So I calmly let him know that he would be writing a list of 25 Things That Mom Cares About after breakfast.

So he starts in on that, writes down the names of himself and his siblings, and runs out of ideas. He says, “This is kinda hard Mom cause you’re not really a materialistic person.”

Which made me smile… but. He wasn’t working hard enough. So I start giving him ideas.

Who do I care about that we can’t see?
Do I care about my relationship with God?
Do I care about your relationship with God?
Do I care about my health?
Do I care about your health?
Do I care about your education?
Do I care about meeting my goals?
Do I care about you meeting your goals?
Do I care about making money to take care of you guys?
Do I care about having a little fun?
Do I care about Coldplay?


He said “too fast”.


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4 Responses to Tired.

  1. Debbie says:

    Carrie, that story is just TOOOO funny and cute !
    I’m glad you didn’t leave out Coldplay.
    You could have added:
    “Do I care about Chris Martin?”
    Did you find someone to go the concert with?

  2. carrie says:

    LOL Debbie! Yes I did, an old friend who I didn’t even know liked them :-)

  3. Debbie says:

    Are you going to the Willie Crawford IM Seminar in Atlanta this weekend? Aren’t you near Atlanta?
    Some funny copy from his sales page:
    “Have You Got What It Takes To Sit Like a Whipped Puppy While Two Internet Marketing Masters Rip and Tear Every Aspect of Your Business to Shreds…
    …then watch in shock and awe as they put it all back together into the cash creating, income generating machine you always hoped it would be? ” Kind of funny interesting copy but a little expensive though too for me.
    P.S. Could you add me to your Twitter list so I could talk to you there sometimes?

  4. nell says:

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of it lately. I know you’ll pull out of this experience just fine, but it really has to be exhausting on so many levels.

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