Two Tools For Family Closeness and Communication

Last week I had a chance to use two products designed to encourage communication and closeness with your kids.

The first was Mat Chats.

One of the nicest things about eating together as a family is the time it gives you to focus on each other.

You can talk about your day, discuss what’s happening in the world, tell jokes… whatever your family enjoys.

Lisa Brown, the mom behind Mat Chats, decided to go a step further and invent a product to help her impart values to her kids, over dinner.

As a widow and a psychiatric nurse, she knew the importance of active parenting.

I can see how Mat Chats could even help take the focus off mealtime behavior issues and put it back where it needs to be: on connecting with our favorite people, in a way cultures all over the world love to do it: while eating a good meal.

Mat Chats are large paper place mats based on several themes that give you thoughts and discussion provoking topics to discuss.

The one we had was on Vision. It had a quote on the topic of vision, a definition, and 4 questions to ask and discuss.

For example, “Name someone successful and discuss how s/he became successful.” “How do you define success?” etc. It was interesting to hear my children’s answer to these questions, and after using them for their designed purpose, they are quickly scarfed up for coloring on!

You can learn more about Mat Chats on their website.

The second tool were these really cute Kids Lunch Box Cards.

These are for parents to slip into their kid’s lunch box – an easy and fun way for kids to feel connected to their parents while they’re away at school.

I thought these were super cute, but my kids aren’t away from me at school. So I slapped a postcard stamp on the spot provided on the back and mailed them to each of my kids. You know how kids are always wanting to get their own stuff in the mail.

They’re still trying to figure out who their Secret Friend is. ;)

The cards come in 5 themes: Wacky World, Fairies, Riddles, Gross-Outs and Looney Laws.

My daughter of course got one of the Fairy cards, pictured above. It’s pink, after all.

My 7 year old loved the card with a fun fact about Astronauts: apparently, they’re not allowed to eat beans post takeoff because farts can damage their suits. He’s fascinated with space travel. And farts.

My oldest got a card with a gross fact: Cockroaches can survive for 9 days once beheaded.

He, like most 10 year old males, is into gross facts. :)

It was a real treat for them getting the cards in the mail, and I look forward to being able to send them meaningful little messages throughout the year, unexpectedly.

You can find more info about these at their site:

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One Response to Two Tools For Family Closeness and Communication

  1. Powerful tools! I think it is so important that we take an ACTIVE role in communicating and connecting with our families.

    I have used lunch box notes for awhile now, but I love how you sent these in the mail to your kids from a secret friend – excellent idea!

    I’m looking forward to checking out these products further; thanks so much for sharing!

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