Uh-Oh. Male Brainwashing Begins

Overheard in my kitchen.

First, a bit of background. My 9 year old made cupcakes. (Yes, we eat cupcakes and other sinful foods occasionally. Read my philosophy on nutrition. And we had collard greens and black eyes peas for dinner.)

I was taking a break enjoying a cup of Roobios tea and reading the new WC News. I walk into the kitchen and see that the chef has not cleaned up his cupcake cooking mess, and there are mixing bowls, spoons, batter splatter, etc scattered around the kitchen.

So I complement him on his tasty creations and say:

“Caleb, the thing about being a cook is, you have to clean up the mess afterwards.”

Son: “I hate that part. I am not tidy and neat, like a woman. I’m messy, like a man.”

(Me thinking: WHAT!? I didn’t raise my kids to think that your chromosomes decided your cleanliness and courtesy!)

I say: “Oooh, I wonder what your father would say if he heard you say that?” (You see, he can’t stand it when anyone makes stereotypical macho statements to him. He fancies himself a metrosexual. Hmmph!)

Son: “Yes, last time I was at his house it was a MESS. Clothes thrown all over the floor.”

He said it, not me!

Despite us, the male stereotyping happens.


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3 Responses to Uh-Oh. Male Brainwashing Begins

  1. Diana Walker says:

    Oh, that is so funny, Carrie!! Oh, and I like your view on nutrition – I found that post very interesting!

  2. Full agreement here. My husband is a great cook (fancies himself the “best” cook) but he is the messiest cook, and roommate, etc. My son is following right in his footsteps. I don’t know if he thinks it’s a guy thing, but he thinks it’s an okay thing and we’ve been butting heads over this! I want my neat little boy back!

  3. Tiffany says:

    We made sugar cookies in our neck of the woods today. :)

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