When The Kids Are Away The Mom Will

January 10, 2008

… be bored?

My oldest kiddos are visiting relatives two states away, and it’s just me and the youngest for 5 whole days. I had big plans of work, cleaning, organizing and fun with “only” one kid to care for.

The first day (yesterday) was pretty good. I got lots of work done while she took TWO naps (that hasn’t happened in a year!). I even dropped her off with a friend for an hour so I could get to a business appointment. She had a blast playing with her little friend. And I have been getting some extra housework and organizing done.

The house is really clean. And all the dishes and laundry are done. I got all my 2006 bookkeeping/tax stuff taken care of.

But today, the house is too quiet. I feel a little bored. There are no fights to help mediate, no schoolwork to help oversee, no chores to delegate, no potty talk or jokes at the table. Sadie tries to do Knock Knock jokes, but she doesn’t quite get it. It goes something like this:

Sadie: “Knock Knock.”

Mommy: “Who’s there?”

Sadie: “Sadie.”

Mommy: “Sadie who?”

Sadie: (silence)

And I didn’t realize how much the other kids entertain this little girl. :) I’ve forgotten how hard it is to have a little person who looks to you for all their stimulation, all day long! Yesterday she decided it was fun to hit mommy with her pajama bottoms. Ordinarily, she would torture her sibs like that. I’ve always said that having one child is as hard as having 4, in some ways.

I guess I’ll have to leave the house today to help pass the time. What’s storytime at the library like with only one kid in tow?


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One Response to “When The Kids Are Away The Mom Will”

  1. Nell Taliercio on January 11th, 2008 4:44 am

    awwww. i bet it’s quite a difference going from 4 to 1! i dont notice much of a difference going from 2-1.

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