Why I Can’t Get Anything Done

Over the weekend I realized why I’m having such a hard time getting things done.

All the big kids were gone and it was “just” me, hubs and the 2 youngest.

Still, I couldn’t get anything done.

I have goals. I have dreams. I don’t lack self-discipline. I’m not depressed. In other words, I have motivation. It’s not that.

It’s this.

And every 30 minutes, she wants to do this.

And when she’s not doing that, she is doing this.

(Oops. I don’t have a good fussing/crying/spitting up buckets picture.)

Which means that by the end of the day my arms feel like pulled taffy, and I’m tired and sore from the exhaustion that is baby care.

Which is why people who have one or two kids think that a mom of 7 is some kind of superwoman, because they think to themselves that it’s 7 times as much work as having their one child.

Which isn’t true at all.

The work is whatever the age of the youngest child is. So if you have 10 kids but the youngest is 6, you’re not as tired as a mother who has 2 kids under 3.

I also have this going on right now.

At least the cast is slowing her down a little bit!

Oh wait that’s mean. ;)

But it does explain why those monthly chores aren’t really getting done right now, but the countertops sure stay clean! (Because the latter is easy to do while bouncing a newborn in your arms, but the former is most assuredly not.)

Last week a cleaning service came by to deep clean my house. (A gift from a few friends who wanted to give me something even though I asked them not to throw me a baby shower.)

It was really lovely seeing (remembering?) how nice the bathrooms look when the tub and shower are all sparkly. Because it’s been awhile!

Queen Victoria, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed

This is why it’s so important for me to¬† make a to do list every day. So that if I *do* get a moment to do something, I know exactly what’s supposed to be done.

p.s. I’m giving her Bio-Kult probiotics for the spitting up, and to hopefully undo the damage caused by the nasty antibiotics. As well as taking them myself. Any other suggestions for the frequent spitting up?

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