Why I Give The Kids Cod Liver Oil

May 11, 2008

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So the other day I posted that my dryer smelled like cod liver oil, and when I tweeted that link, Cara asked, “Why do you give your kids fish oil?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. :)

In general, I eschew the use of supplements in favor of

Our Grandparents were right. Cod liver oil is a wonderful supplement and everyone, young and old, should take it. I also take cod liver oil in addition to giving it to my kids. Here’s why.

Cod liver oil has three vitamins essential to your health: Vitamins A, D, and E. According to Dr. Weston A Price, these 3 nutrients were found in far higher amounts in the diets of native peoples – they got 4 times as much as we do because they ate things like organ meats, seafood, grass fed meat and milk, etc. Many of us are deficient in these nutrients but supplementation with vitamins can be dangerous. Vitamin A especially can be toxic in large amounts, so it’s safer to get it from food. Cod Liver Oil is classified as a food. The body knows what to do with it. Vitamin D helps to protect against Vitamin A toxicity, so these three vitamins found in cod liver oil work synergistically.

Studies have shown that cod liver oil improves memory. It also improves conditions such as asthma and other related diseases. It contributes to general bone health. Studies have indicated that individuals with osteoporosis have shown significant progress when taking cod liver oil.

Many people suffer from joint pain, including me if I don’t take my fish oil. Cod liver oil can help reduce the pain and the damage incurred in arthritis patients.

Secondly, in addition to the natural vitamins in cod liver oil, there are omega-3 fatty acids which have significant benefits. Combined, they improve your energy levels in individuals, help keep the thyroid healthy, help maintain strong vision, keep the immune system healthy, and are noted to offer cardiovascular benefits as well.

Cod liver oil has many health benefits and while some people may prefer just eating more fish, it will not necessarily yield the same results that cod liver oil offers. The potency of the nutrients is not as high in fish products. In fact, one study showed that you would have to consume approximately a half-pound of fatty fish in order to obtain the same amount of vitamin D as is contained in one spoonful of cod liver oil. Not to mention, cod liver oil has to undergo testing for mercury and other contaminants, which is a concern when you’re eating a lot of fish.

Side point: Did you know that your body won’t absorb mercury that you ingest when you’re getting plenty of Vitamin A? It has a protective effect. :-)

If you buy a brand that is flavored with orange or lemon oil, you can get past the fishy taste factor. :) And of course grown ups (and kids who know how to swallow them) can take capsules. You can even get it in strawberry flavor. See: Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA in strawberry flavor.

Speaking of grown ups, cod liver oil gives you pretty skin. It accelerates healing and maintains the suppleness of your skin – it may even prevent liver spots. If you have dry skin, eczema or dandruff, cod liver oil will often get rid of it.

Cod liver oil is one alternative that has been shown to be an effective agent in reducing LDL (or “bad” cholesterol) levels. In addition, cod liver oil can lower triglycerides as well as increase the “good” cholesterol or HDL. Cod liver oil helps prevent blood clots and maintains a healthy heart.

Are ya convinced yet? :-)

Two of the highest quality cod liver oil supplements are:
Carlson Laboratories Norwegian cod liver oil
Nordic Naturals cod liver oil

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2 Responses to “Why I Give The Kids Cod Liver Oil”

  1. Tsoniki Crazy Bull on May 12th, 2008 12:37 am

    Clear skin? Convinced!

    And while I’m here, what do you recommend for arthritis? One person told me apple cider vinegar – would you agree?

  2. carrie on May 13th, 2008 12:50 pm

    Hmm… I have heard so many good things about ACV that it certainly couldn’t hurt to try. I would think that taking fish oil could definitely help arthitis because it eases inflammation. It makes my aches and pains go away.

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