Winter Blahs, Gym Rat

After being in the house for an entire week with sick kids, being sick myself, and unusually cold weather too, I have been feeling a little blah lately.

Winter Blahs

At first I didn’t realize what was going on. I felt sleepy, a little blue, a little aimless and unmotivated. I couldn’t get myself to do much more than fold laundry.

Being a 5 person household, 4 under 11, there is plenty of laundry folding to be done. As a procrastination technique, it’s unsurpassed. Folding laundry is oddly comforting to me. Some people twirl their hair, others dayream. I launder.

There were lots of things I wanted to blog about, and certainly stuff I needed to do online. But I couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything. 

All of a sudden it hit me. I have a case of the winter blahs. Less serious than the winter blues, the winter blahs is just a longing for spring. I want to cut my hair, get a pedicure, feel the sun on my arms. I want to go out without coats and thick clothing on.

Complicating the winter blahs is the fact that I’ve been indoors for a week recuperating or nursing sick kids. I may be a little deficient in Vitamin D. I also forgot to take my cod liver oil for some time. My bones feel a little achy and sore.

Also, I went to the gym last night for the first time in a week. I had legitimate excuses of course, but that wasn’t helping me feel any better. I needed the endorphin rush of hard exercise.

Gym Rat

I can’t believe it. I’ve become a full fledged Gym Rat. What?! ME!?Alison07MAY08035c


The girl who, for much of her life, could be found on the couch behind some book? Yep, that’s me. The girl who was pasty white because she couldn’t be bothered to go outside long enough to get a tan? Yep, me again.

I’ve never been the “athletic” type.

But after only a week of not working out, I felt AWFUL. I was literally EXCITED to get back into the swing of things last night.

Inspired even.

Also, I just read this book called The New Rules of Lifting for Women. And I am positively PUMPED about it. (I know, groan.) I told Burt the very handsome trainer who owns the gym I work out at whom I have a wicked crush on but he’s married so I swear it’s perfectly innocent and please don’t ever tell him of my plans to change the way I exercise and I swear, the man got a twinkle in his eye.

I’ll be writing a thorough review on Ms Fit Universe’s blog soon so stay tuned for that.

And I’m so glad the sun is out today. It’s beautiful, and the weather is supposed to be warm this weekend in Atlanta. Come on Spring!

Well that’s what’s new with me. What’s new with you?
Creative Commons License photo credit: DrJimiGlide

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2 Responses to Winter Blahs, Gym Rat

  1. Mom says:

    Does life get any better than laying on your bed surrounded by a huge bowl of popcorn and beautiful grandkids, watching a movie together?

    I think NOT!

    The only way it could get any better would be if my two daughters, my hubby, and ALL 8 grandkids were on the bed watching a movie together. That’s my idea of pure happiness!


  2. Brooke says:

    This website sounds like it might be right up your alley. It’s tied in with a book being released this month…Gym Rat Rules. Check it out!

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