Work at Home Wednesday: Welcome

September 3, 2008

I love talking about working from home.

Can you tell?

My other blog is devoted entirely to the subject of working from home – and more specifically, internet marketing.

There is a LOT of junk on the internet about working from home, but there is a lot of good stuff too. Some of that good stuff will be here, every Wednesday, where I will be devoting a post to the subject. I’ll share what I know, what I do, and success stories of other work at home moms.

How cool is it that with the internet, a mom can be her child’s full time care giver AND – get this – she can earn as much as she did (sometimes more – I do) when she was working full time outside the home?

I love the opportunity the internet has afforded for stay at home moms to earn money.

And I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for being down to earth and giving “no fluff” advice. Hopefully you will submit plenty of your questions and they will be answered. If you have a question, please leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to address it in an upcoming week.

If you just can’t wait, try browsing the work at home articles here on the site.

Each one of them will lead you to a resource – and here’s the neat part – that I personally endorse because I have either: 1) bought it myself, or 2) know the person who created it, who is also a hardworking work at home mom.

All these resources for further learning and information are affordable too – about the cost of eating a meal out with your husband. There are programs that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars – and many of them are worth every penny (some of them I’ve invested in), but I realize that for many stay at home moms, they’re out of reach.

If that’s not enough, consider buying my natural mom business guide. It’s not just another “make money  online” ebook. It’s just for us in the natural family market, who specifically want to turn our knowledge and interest into income. It has audio, video, cheat sheets and an ebook to teach you the basics of internet marketing for our niche.

If you need a bit more handholding, I offer coaching too. We can talk about whatever you want – launching a blog, what to write about, how to earn money from your blog/site, how to launch your own ebook, how to sell your products online, etc.


Let the questions begin. :)

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  1. Lambert - Work From Home on September 26th, 2008 12:21 am

    Thanks for sharing your valuable points, I have got exact idea about work from home after reading your article. Its been glad to read your article…

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